FEB. 18 – 23

It’s time to prepare for the first of our twice-a-year consignment sales that we call our LET-US-BE-YOUR-GARAGE-SALE!

SELLERS may bring up to 20 “items” to sell. An “item” may be a single miniature or a bundle not to exceed 2x2x2 feet and firmly bound together to be sold as one item. 
We have Seller forms ready to be picked up NOW. You may bring the form filled out LEGIBLY and your items in from Monday, 2-18 through Saturday, 2-23. You will receive 75% of the selling price on a Pegasus gift card which will be ready no later than 10am on Wednesday, 3-6. You are asked to pick up your unsold items no later than Friday 3-8, or we will donate them as appropriate. There is no fee for unsold items.

BUYERS:  SALE will take place on Saturday, Mar. 2, 10 am.  Be there EARLY for the best deals!