PRERELEASE:  SUNDAY, Jan. 14   10 am – 7:30 pm

Entry is $25.00 for each of 2 events.

FIRST EVENT: Registration opens at 10 am;   deckbuilding at 10:30 for the first event.

SECOND EVENT: Registration at about 3:30 pm; deckbuilding when the first event ends.

>>You CAN play in both events!<<<

Prerelease Packs include 6 Rivals boosters and a Foil! You win prize points, which can be redeemed for Rivals or other boosters, playmats, sleeves, backpacks, etc. Record of 4 – 0 earns 160 prize points. Record of 3-1 earns 80 prize points. Record of 2 – 2 earns 20 prize points. Prize points accumulate between BOTH the Prerelease AND Launch events! Bring a friend (new to Pegasus) and you both get a 10 point bonus!

BOOSTER DRAFT LAUNCH: FRIDAY            Jan. 19   6 pm    

$16 entry gets you 3 packs to draft and 2 packs go into the prize pool.  Each player KEEPS the rare cards they draft.  Events are reported so you get whatever participation points with Wizards of the Coast Organized Play program that they award.