FRIDAY, Nov. 24       6 AM – 10 AM

Join us for our version of an early morning doorbuster sale, the “WE’RE OPEN SO EARLY WE’RE STILL IN OUR PAJAMAS SALE” during the 4 hours before our usual opening time!   We WILL still be in our pajamas, and shoppers wearing pajamas* will get 25% OFF  their entire** purchase!  Shoppers too shy to join the fun will still get 10% OFF for joining us at these ungodly hours (at least for gamers).

Everything goes back to normal at 10 AM, though shoppers already in line will get to check out with the appropriate SALE terms.

  • * Note that we said wearing pajamas, NOT what you do or don’t sleep in.
  • ** The requisite exclusions:  consignment items like single Magic cards and most novels, and already discounted items.