DEMO: Thorny Wench Games

Saturday, Oct. 14      3 – 5 pm

Thorny Wench Games will be here to teach and play their card and board games.  Please note age guidelines.
                                                                           DRAGOONIUM (2-9 players ages 12 and up)                                                                  When you play Dragoonium you take on the role of one of the great champions of the Realms. Each of these champions brings its own unique set of powers and resources. Inspired by many classic card games of yesteryear and combined with fantastical flavoring and style, Dragoonium is a game adults can interest both their teenagers and parents in playing. It is a different game each time, as the cards played with are dependant on the chosen champions. Almost 200 unique cards and 9 different champions, creates versatility and several strategic playing styles. Can you devise the best strategy with the available pool of cards to conquer your opponent? Which Champion will you bring to the table?
                                                         CORRUPTION (2-5 players ages 14 and up)                                                                             Corruption will strike the fancy of political passionates! As a major global organization, nothing stands in the way of unlimited profits, except…a few government regulations. Use your vast wealth and influence to bend politicians to your will. Buy, bribe, cheat, steal and undermine your opponents as you try to gain the most profits. Using political antics and schemes, players will compete to influence the passing of bills, votes and ensure their favorite politicians are elected. No matter your political stances and differences, all parties will agree this is a fun game!
                                                                STELLAR EXPRESS (2-5 players ages 14 and up)                                                                     You are a trader for a vast planetary network in a distant solar system. Gather the resources you need to complete a goal, take it to the assigned planet, get paid. Simple, yes? It would be, but the solar system actually revolves each turn, creating an engaging and fast-paced quest for each player to embark! Keep tabs on the elaborate orbits and fictitious set of planets before you run out of fuel, resources or encounter another character that may get in your way