DEMO: Batman Miniatures 2E by Knight Models

FRIDAY, Nov. 10          6 – 9 pm

Knight Models is delighted to announce the arrival of the 2nd Edition Batman Miniature Game rules.
This free downloadable PDF rulebook is the culmination of thousands of games, and feedback from our customers.

Fear not: it has street-level strategic action in Gotham’s darkened alleyways, with streamlined mechanics, more intuitive rules, and with even more fun, AND we’ve consolidated a lot of hard-to- find rules and Traits into one mighty tome. We think players new and old will love it!

But that’s not all –  The launch of the new edition is spearheaded by brand new miniatures, representing the pinnacle of our studio’s output. The new models are produced in high-quality, colored resin. Knight Models was founded on a love of display-quality models, and we think painters and modelers will agree that these new miniatures are the best we’ve ever produced.