INFINITY TOURNAMENT … 10:30 am-6:30 pm,   12 player cap, 10$ entry fee,
300 points, 2 list format, Special Operation missions.  Prizes include an ITS tournament pack season 8 + gift cards to Pegasus Games depending on attendance.  Proxy/unpainted units are ok. Line of fire markings are required.   Contact with your ITS PIN # to be accepted into the tournament.  Register for a PIN here
12 Noon – 5 pm … DEMO:  Castle Panic Engines of War expansion
1 – 4:30 … PAINTING BOOT CAMP session 1:  Pre-registered participants only, but spectators are welcome to drop in for a while to see if they want in on the next one!
3 – 8 … BOARD GAMERS – Play what you or another brought, or one of our many demo games!