SATURDAY Nov. 19       9 am

The Apoc Luck is a great day of gaming and a day to enjoy great food, hence the name. With the exception of the finale, participants are required to bring a food item. Most participants post* what they plan to bring making it easier for other participants to plan their food/drink items. Snacking is done throughout the event and lunch is typically taken at the first break.

This years theme is Kastorel Novem.  It will be an Apocalypse Escalation starting at 5000pts + 1 Super Heavy in September. The point limits will increase throughout the season.

All armies are welcome. For theme of the campaign I’m encouraging Imperial and Ork participation. Again, all armies are welcome. Please read the Apoc Luck event details and house rules. I’ve included a New House Rules section for those that are familiar with the events.

* post to www.facebook.com/apocluck